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dana montanadj / performer / warrior of love

Written 04.01.2022

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Each episode is based on four pillars. These pillars reflect the true YMI Story.

We explore their heritage and take a closer look at their ancestral home in Ukraine.Unfortunately, just a few days into our production, a devastating event occurred: Russian forces invaded Ukraine. Dana’s cherished home now faces the brutalities of war. Given these circumstances, we strongly feel obligated to raise awareness and include this critical information in the powerful narrative of Dana Montana.YMI will always be more than a lemonade; it represents a bold and outspoken movement that never shies away from addressing daring and controversial topics. We refuse to be silenced.

What does Love Freely mean?“Love freely” is the quote you can find on one of our cans. It serves as the central theme around which we built Dana Montana’s documentary. In the second episode, we delve deeper into what “Love freely” means for them.Everything fell into place when Dana began watching RuPaul’s Drag Race and started attending parties like DMTH. They embraced bolder makeup, daring outfits, and started accentuating the music with well-defined dance moves.Discover why being Queer means owing nothing to anyone. It entails being open-minded and ready for new adventures.

There’s no place quite like a club to engage in a conversation about music. We had the pleasure of meeting up with Matidrome, the individual who played a significant role in Dana’s initial steps into the world of nightlife.In this episode, we delved deep into Dana’s journey as a DJ and their passion to merge diverse creative expressions into a singular performance.As we’re all aware, the night provides a canvas for self-discovery and exploring the boundaries of both ourselves and others (respectfully and with consent!). It’s within these moments that we often gather a multitude of joyful memories, ones we can nostalgically reflect upon. Before we knew it, during the interview, we got caught up in one of those moments.

What do Auntie Mame, Marlene Dietrich, and the fabulous singer Aurora have in common? They’re all awe-inspiring icons who’ve sprinkled magic on Dana’s creative path! they couldn’t hide their magnetic presence as they shared their stories about creative role models and profound inspirations.“I try to live with the feeling that life is a celebration and some kind of theme park” is one of the last messages they share in this last part of the documentary.