take your (s)pace and choose your own flow

Bogenna ivanaartist / designer / takes her (s)pace to do it her way

Written 04.01.2022

full story 10min read

Each episode is based on four pillars. These pillars reflect the true YMI Story.

“Now I have this obsession with the color pink and orange.”During our first interviews with Bogenna, to discover her Y, it quickly became evident that she possesses a remarkable talent for creating space, both for herself and those around her.In the first chapter, we delve into her earliest memories, where she showcases her ability to create space within her emotions through the art of dance. What started as a form of escapism, gradually evolved into a big part of her identity, fueling her life’s mission to create space for herself and others.

Everyone possesses talent, it’s simply a matter of establishing an environment or system that suits you.After being diagnosed with ADHD in 2015, Bogenna recognized that her brain operates differently from others, and she harnessed it as her personal superpower. She perceives things that others may overlook and incorporates this unique perspective into her work.Even in the absence of role models in her creative and professional upbringing, Bogenna strives to be her own inspiration. As she paved her own way, she unintentionally became a role model for the next generation.

At YMI, we wholeheartedly embrace the concept of cross-pollination. Whether it’s fostering collaboration among individuals with unique talents, exploring diverse materials, or in the case of Bogenna, interweaving her various jobs.In the third chapter of our documentary, Bogenna shares her journey as a freelancer, where visual expression becomes the common thread that unites her diverse projects. Her relentless pursuit of creative spaces enables her to unleash the full potential of her artistic vision.